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Solar systems
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Balance Neto

1. Solar panels convert the sun's radiation into electricity (direct current)

2. The inverter transforms the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC)

3. AC power is used to power all equipment in your home or business

4. The bidirectional meter records the excess energy produced by the solar panels, which will be accumulate as credit that can be used in the following months

On Grid

Solar systems connected to the grid, or systems "on grid", are systems that exchange energy with the electricity grid. It is necessary to be connected to the grid in order to install this kind of systems

Off Grid

Systems disconnected from the power grid, or "off grid" systems, are isolated systems and no connection to the grid is required. These systems have a battery bank that will provide electricity when the panels are not working (for example, at night)


Hybrid solar systems are connected to the electric grid but also have a battery bank which can be used as back up if something is wrong with the grid.