SolarLatam | Commercial

Why Change
to Solar Energy

Keep your energy costs stable

By installing solar panels, you can FIX the price of energy. It allows a better control of your expenses over time.

Save money with your own solar panels

Solar energy is much cheaper than the energy generated by other sources such as wind, hydro or fossil fuels.

Help the environment using solar energy

Solar energy has a carbon footprint 91% lower than natural gas and 96% LOWER than coal.

Be energy independent

Solar energy is a reliable, clean, unlimited and renewable energy source.

Why choose SolarLatam

We are experts in solar generation for self consumption

In both commercial and residential installations.

We have dozens of installations behind us

We have installed thousands of solar panels in COMPANIES and RESIDENCES in 3 countries.

We make solar energy possible for all

We have financing available up to 20 years, from 0% initial investment.

We have the best customer service

Our personal in each of the countries in which we currently operate, will always have you covered.